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Educational Apps and Programs

The future is digital. We pride ourselves in creating fun and ambitious educational software for tablets, mobile and web. All our educational software design is overseen by our in house primary school teacher to make sure we take curriculum into account.


Everyone likes to play. We create games for all ages, from children to grandparents. Our main focus is on puzzle, educational and adventure games.


You can use tablets and mobiles for almost anything. All you need is the right App. We design a variety of different apps for these smart gadgets, useful, silly and fun.



A sample of the different projects Gebo Kano has worked on

The People


Guðný Þorsteinsdóttir

Guðný is the founder and CEO of Gebo Kano. Sha has a hand in most aspects of the company, from coffe making to programming. Her specialty is art direction and creation and design of educational software and games. Gudny has a B.Ed. degreen in primary school teaching and a background in software engineering from H.R.

Motto: Why be ordinary, when you can be unique?

Friðrik Magnússon

Friðrik is the technical guru at Gebo Kano. He has a B.Sc. degree in computer science and has a working knowledge of most programming languages known to man. He specialises in iOS programming and app design.

Mottó: while (licorice) eat;

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